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Magnetic Tape - Banner-Mag Anchor Magnets Gives You More...

Like magedge®, Banner-Mag® is a co-extruded self adhesive magnetic tape for edge-to-edge use. It is designed to join flush banner systems side by side with different cost, strength and flexibility features.

Banner-Mag® - designed to provide you with more options to create seamless images. When applied to the edges of pole mounted banner stands, you can create the look of a pop-up.

Adopting the red/blue colour coding means easy application, and as the colour is situated centrally it can be applied to the banner from either the top or the bottom….it still works.

To help you apply it accurately along the length of the banner the adhesive will allow you to push the strip into position before full bond strength develops.

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9mm 1.2mm Premium 12g/cm Length 30 Metres 1 Pack (1 roll of each colour)  Â£30.00  Buy Now
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